Fast Scrapbooking CB Sales Page – Simple Scrapbooking Ideas with Lain Ehmann

December 9, 2013

Fast Scrapbooking CB Sales Page - Simple Scrapbooking Ideas with Lain EhmannClick Image For More InformationIf you’re struggling to create beautiful, meaningful scrapbooking pages quickly and easily, I can help!

After 10 years of scrapbooking, thousands of pages created, and hours spent interviewing the best and brightest scrapbookers in the industry…

I know, you’ve read all the magazines, you’ve taken classes, you’ve taken pictures… but you haven’t ever before seen dozens of fast scrapbooking tips consolidated in one place!

-You can use the same layout designs over and over again and no one will know that they’re not all unique!

It sounds crazy that I can help you with ALL these challenges…. but I really can! In fact…

In the ten years I’ve been a scrapbooker, I’ve created literally HUNDREDS of layouts. Some I spent hours on. Some I spent less than 30 minutes. And I’ve discovered that the pages I love best are NOT the ones I spend days and days on. I’ve determined that the scrapbook layouts that mean the most from me are the ones that are really “me –” with the products, stories, and photos I love the most.

Imitating fancy pages from the magazines doesn’t work. You know that. I know that! That’s why you’re here.

Instead, you already have the tools you need to tell your stories; you just need someone to show you how to use them effectively.

You need someone to take you by the hand, and help you wade through the piles of inspiration and brads and buttons and photos..

Sounds easy, right? Maybe even TOO easy… but it’s true. I’ve put together a variety of tips, ideas, and scrapbook page designs that will help you quickly and easily learn to use the products and photos you already have to document the… Read more…

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